I’m Back

My life has been moving moving moving and my blog has fallen to the wayside.  But the bitch is back!  I want to revive this blog.

Here’s a summary of what has happened in my life since I started the blog about a year ago:

-I started an amazing new job and I’ve been there about a year now–and I continue learning something new every day;

-I took more pottery classes and have been displaying and gifting my ceramic works (see gorgeous cups in photo above);

-I started a “membership” at Blush Med Skincare (“it’s like a gym membership for your skin”) and have committed to practicing good skin care; and

-I lost 60+ lbs!

I’ve got some cool business travel coming up, more work to do in my weight loss journey and, in between all that, some more beauty, travel, culture and crafting to write about here.

And I’m looking forward to catching up on my blog roll.  Send me a comment if you’ve got something great to share!


Sunday Brunch

I had a very high-low brunch today and that really epitomized my weekend.

I got a frappe, a hash brown and a biscuit from McDonalds.  I brought them home and had them with scrambled eggs and a small homemade mimosa.  It goes without saying that my eggs and mimosa were the high-end, and the Mickey D’s food was the low-end.  The mix made for a yummy brunch.

I spent a lot of the weekend lounging on the sofa and binge watching Homeland (low).  But I also had some “high” activity mixed in.  I saw my parents and the little fur brother.  I did some gardening too.  After my terrarium class last weekend I have a renewed excitement about my plants.  I love my terrarium!  I also started eating from my garden again and that’s a wonderful feeling.  Eating plants I grew in a bowl I made makes me feel like Martha Stewart.  I love it!

This week I start a training for work that will switch up the routine I was developing.  But really this week I’m most concerned with beating the heat.  Fingers crossed I get in some pool time!

Bare Minerals Haul


A few weeks ago I bought a 12-piece Beauty Surprise Collection from Bare Minerals (Bare Escentuals?–I never know which to call it).  It was a one-day deal on April 17, offering the 12-piece surprise valued at $177, for just $35.  I’m a sucker for a deal like that!

I haven’t tried everything in the package yet but I want to get this post up.  I know I’m always looking for info on what to expect in a mystery buy, I hope this is good info for other savvy shoppers.


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