Let’s Get Lit

Now that the warm weather is here to stay, I’ve retired the winter scents (see ya later, Gingerbread!) and I’m all about the spring and summer candles.  For spring, I love scents that are fruity, floral and lightly sweet.  Here are some of my favorite affordable scented candles for warm weather, after the jump.

French Macaroon:  This Ashland candle is sold at Michaels craft stores–perhaps not the first store that comes to mind for a high quality home fragrance, but this delicate scent certainly won me over.  It smells like a light sugary vanilla cookie.  When I burn it, I think about springtime in Paris.  Oh, to be eating macarons at a sidewalk cafe on the Left Bank…  Happy smell, happy thoughts, happy mood.  Unfortunately, these Ashland candles are only sold in store and are rotated seasonally.  It’s been a while since I’ve spotted French Macaroon, but fingers crossed it’ll reappear any day now for spring and summer.


Honeysuckle:  Last year I finally burned through the last of my honeysuckle Diamond Candle, and I have yet to replace it.  If you’re not familiar with Diamond Candles, you may be missing out on a $5,000 ring!  The gimmick is a fun attraction, but the reason I’d buy this candle again is for the lovely flowering meadow scent.  If honeysuckle doesn’t just scream springtime, I don’t know what does.  At $27.99, it’s the most expensive of the candles I’ve listed here, but (1) it’s bigger than the others and (2) it includes a ring worth $10 plus the chance at another ring worth even more.  Realistically, actually, when I shell out the next $30 to Diamond Candle I’m sure I’ll want to try another scent.

Peach Prosecco:  Target’s Signature Soy Peach Prosecco is a deliciously sweet scent and true to the name.  I love it for summer, but it’s also good in late spring.  The small jar I display here was $5, but larger sizes will retail for approx. $12 at Target.

Sweet Sangria:  This is another scent that I like for both spring and summer and another Target purchase, though it’s made by Bella.  This candle smells like a nice light sangria — a real mix of sweet fruit and wine.  A huge part of the appeal of this candle for me is the beautiful gold jar (pictured at the top of the post).  I love to display it year-round.  Unfortunately I think the gold glass container is no longer sold, but Target does carry the candle in a variety of other containers, such as the clear glass one below.



Thai Lily:  This candle is by Illume, which is clearly higher end than some of the brands on this list.  I got the candle as part of a limited edition Birchbox, but I’d been eyeing this and several other Illume candles for a long time before Birchbox hooked it up.  Thai Lily is best described as an exotic tropical flower.  There’s a strong fruitiness to it–think tropical fruit–and a slight exotic, musky note, that I think makes it Thai Lily.  It also has a fresh aquatic scent that makes me think “water lily” but it is essentially floral.  The candle tin and its accompanying lid are so so beautiful!  I also like to display this one year-round.  I love they way this candle smells and looks in my bedroom.  Can’t wait to buy more.  And at $10 for a small tin, it’s a high-end smell at a very affordable price.

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