Azature Flash Sale!

This weekend I discovered some new nail polish to lust after–and, lucky me, this luxury line just launched a SUPER promotion!  Read more and get the coupon code after the jump.

Azature Beauty is a nail lacquer line by Los Angeles-based couture jeweler Azature, with lacquer colors inspired by luxury diamond colors.  What sets Azature apart:  Azature professes to be the only nail polish in the world infused with real black diamonds, and boasts that every bottle contains a black diamond.  You know they had me at “black diamond.”


I think I see a little black diamond near the bottom of the bottle…

These are rather expensive nail lacquers.  The full price on Azature’s website is $25 per bottle, though many colors are marked down to $18.  On Amazon, they’re currently selling for $16 a pop.  Which is still rather pricy for yours truly.

I’d read that Azature sometimes runs flash sales so I resisted buying on a whim…. and my self-restraint has paid off!  Azature is currently running an amazing flash sale of 70% off!  I purchased four colors (three for me, one for Mom), all of which had already been marked down from $25 to $18.  With the 70% off, they came out to $5.40 each, or approx. $31 total with taxes and shipping.   At that pricing, these are a steal over most drug-store nail polishes, to say nothing of high-end products.  Ooooooh, I love a good sale!  Of course I’ll review once they arrive.

Use code: LOVEMYMOM for 70% off of your entire order at   Unclear how long the sale will last and how long inventory will last so do not delay.



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  1. With All My Affection · May 16, 2016

    They are so gorgeous! I love the packaging ❤

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