Sunday Brunch


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T-G-I-S.  I’ve probably never said that before!  But I was really off this week, mostly because (1) my seasonal allergies were on in full force, and (2) I got into a wonky, horrible sleep cycle, staying up waaaaay too late for too many nights in a row.  I used Saturday to sleep and chill and generally recover, and I earmarked Sunday for some important life management as well as some hobby time.  So for those reasons, I’m really glad to be at Sunday.  I’m feeling good about the day and the week to come.

With this cool weather in DC, I’m not sure that my garden is growing as it should.  I did a little Sunday garden time, as I always do, but was hesitant to plant any more in the cool weather.  The exception:  I bought another cheap tulip plant.  The tulips on it opened completely in my car ride home, kinda crazy, so I decided to cut them before they fell apart and now have christened my gold and white vase with some lovely purple tulips.

I also went to my local florist today…. I *may* have overdone it……  Some really gorgeous and expensive flowers were in stock and 50% off, so I splurged.  I picked out beautiful pink peonies, which I love but I’ve never actually bought for myself.  I also got pink hydrangea — I love white and antique hydrangea and was excited to discover pink.  Little did I know just how expensive these precious flowers were!   Let’s just say I spent more than twice what I did on my last visit…. Oof.

But to turn my spendy lemons into responsible lemonade, I’m using this ritzy flower purchase as a motivation to get through my housekeeping chores.  Beautiful flowers lose their effect sitting in a cluttered, messy living room.  So I have pretty pretty plants and I will soon have a tidy apartment.


I’d like to kick off my Sunday Brunch tradition here at BotB.  The goal is to put up every Sunday a post that includes either a recipe or a restaurant review.  This week, check out my homemade Citrus Mocktail.  Let’s toast to a peaceful Sunday and a positive week to come!  Cheers!

RECIPE:  Citrus Mocktail


  • 10 oz orange juice
  • 6 oz lemon seltzer/sparkling water
  • 1/2 lemon (1/4 lemon for squeezing, 1/4 for slices to garnish)
  • sprigs of lemon balm (optional)

Directions:  Combine orange juice and seltzer water in a large cup.  Slice off the end of lemon half and squeeze fresh lemon juice from it into the juice/water mixture.  Stir gently, approx. 2 clockwise stirs.  Pour the mixture into two glasses.  Slice the remaining lemon into 2 or 3 slices.  Garnish each glass with a sprig of lemon balm and a slice of lemon from the unused lemon half.

EDIT:  I also put two ripped lemon balm leaves into each glass.  I tear the leaf a little bit to unleash the flavor, but do not chop.  The sprig resting on/in the glass will do little for flavor, but it looks pretty and has a really nice scent you’ll enjoy when you tip the glass to your mouth.

Optional:  To make this mocktail into a cocktail, lessen the OJ and the seltzer water by 2 oz each.  Mix the orange juice and seltzer water in a cup, add 3 oz of the clear liquor of your choice (I recommend gin or vodka).  The rest of the recipe remains the same.



  1. Vincent Norwood · May 2, 2016

    This recipe looks great! I’m totally making this next weekend, if not before! Thanks for sharing.


    • Sarah · May 2, 2016

      Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the mocktail/cocktail!


  2. annettemitchell · May 2, 2016

    I love the mocktail too! I am all about citrusy drinks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sarah · May 2, 2016

      Me too! It made a lovely Sunday-at-home beverage.


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