Sunday Brunch


I started my day with an iced coffee and I’ll finish with a hot chai latte.  Now that’s a good Sunday!

It’s been a very full and eventful week.  I had a lot of job changes including some exciting news–which I unfortunately cannot share here.  But I have exciting things in the works.

I ate at two restaurants this weekend.  The first was a local restaurant and it was pretty mediocre, despite the excellent company.  I’m not going to write about it because I don’t like to give lukewarm reviews.  The other was an old standby:  the Cheesecake Factory.  My family loves to go there.  I’m not actually going to review the Cheesecake Factory!  But I AM going to make a recommendation.  The menu is so huge that it’s very possible you have been to the restaurant many times but have not tried some of their best dishes.  My favorite item on the menu is the Tex Mex Egg Rolls appetizer.  If you like Mexican food, order it.  ASAP.  What is a Tex Mex Egg Roll?  Imagine a Thai or Chinese spring roll wrapper, but the filling is like the inside of a chicken quesadilla — chicken, corn, black beans, peppers and onions chopped up and mixed with melted cheese.  It’s served with a tomato salsa and an avocado cream salsa.  Yummmm.

And that’s it for this week.  XOXO.


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