Julep May Maven Box


For my second Julep box, I was excited to make some customizations and add some mystery products.  Okay it’s been a couple weeks, but I’m finally writing about it.  Here’s what I got.

Maven Picks:


I went with a very nail polish heavy box for May.  So far I really like all my products.

For my main box, the Freedom Polymer Top Coat is a product I have used for a while now and love because it gives a beautiful gel look to the nails and cures very quickly, dramatically reducing top coat wait time.   The Color Fan Duo is two 22-piece fans for nail swatches.  I love these in the nail salon and I love that now I can catalogue and swatch my colors the same way at home.  Game changer!

The last piece in my regular box was a new product which was in the box Julep set for me before I made my customizations.  Your Lip Addiction is a tinted lip oil.  The Covet shade is a pink tint that gives lips a subtle pop of pink along with the hydrating and gloss effects.  I’m still deciding how I like it.  The look and feel are great, but I’m still judging whether I think it’s good for my lips or not.

For my add-ons, I was all about the nails.  I am in love with the Kelsey polish,  described as a powder peach creme.  I’ve been looking for this exact shade and I’m ecstatic to have found it!  It’s perfect for summer.  I think the mystery trio shades were Jenna (tangerine creme burst), Lizzy (cappuccino creme) and Connie (hot magenta plum creme).   All nice colors and I’m especially excited about the Connie shade, very hot.  I also added a foot file–it’s open toe season, people, you’ve gotta keep those feets in tip top shape.

Lastly, I received a bonus gift for buying three add-on items.  I believe the bonus nail color was the Becky shade (oil slick duochrome silk).  Also in the box was a little pink hard ball, kind of like an old school bubblegum ball from a machine.  No clue what it is.  I’ve yet to put it in my mouth to test out my theory.  Julep, please put an explanatory slip in the box next time.




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