Sunday Brunch

Happy summer time!

Summer is here.  I kicked off the season officially with a little poolside lounging today.  And it was such a beautiful day.  I love watching the gentle ripple of the water when no one is swimming and the breeze hits the surface.  You’ll note that is NOT what I captured above (and apologies to the lady I snapped mid-dive–but your backside is lovely, madam).  I miss my bar study summer days when I would sit poolside with my Bar Bri books in the mid afternoon, with the pool deck mostly to myself.  But I’m a working girl now, so my pool time is mostly limited to weekends.

Side note:  I watched two classic “working girl” movies this weekend, Working Girl and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  Highly recommend both!  And I secretly wish I had that thing both Melanie Griffith and Marilyn Monroe have where they can speak in that soft, breathy voice and make you lean in to listen….

Last weekend I had a really nice Sunday with family.  Before celebrating Father’s Day with my dad, I went to a local restaurant with my mom.  I walked in so excited to try their brunch, rated one of the top 100 restaurants in the country for brunch.  But it was a meh meal.  Overall very bland.  I can’t recommend their brunch, but I won’t call them out by name!  I like my neighborhood and I won’t bash a good neighbor for one mediocre meal.  This weekend I munched on bagels from the best bagel shop in town.  They did not disappoint.

Looking forward to another week at my new job!  And with that, I’m off to bed.


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