Sunday Brunch

I had a very high-low brunch today and that really epitomized my weekend.

I got a frappe, a hash brown and a biscuit from McDonalds.  I brought them home and had them with scrambled eggs and a small homemade mimosa.  It goes without saying that my eggs and mimosa were the high-end, and the Mickey D’s food was the low-end.  The mix made for a yummy brunch.

I spent a lot of the weekend lounging on the sofa and binge watching Homeland (low).  But I also had some “high” activity mixed in.  I saw my parents and the little fur brother.  I did some gardening too.  After my terrarium class last weekend I have a renewed excitement about my plants.  I love my terrarium!  I also started eating from my garden again and that’s a wonderful feeling.  Eating plants I grew in a bowl I made makes me feel like Martha Stewart.  I love it!

This week I start a training for work that will switch up the routine I was developing.  But really this week I’m most concerned with beating the heat.  Fingers crossed I get in some pool time!


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