Brunch on the Balcony is the lifestyle blog of Sarah T (that’s me).  It’s a place for me to share anything and everything that engages my senses, all that excites me and moves me.  It’s a place for beauty, for reflection and for respectful conversation.  Topics on the table include home crafts, baking and cake decorating, cosmetics and beauty products, books and tv shows, recipes, travel, and whatever else excites me.

Why is it called Brunch on the Balcony?

The blog name comes from the two places where I do my best communicating with self and communicating with others.  Brunch is my favorite meal, most of all for the socializing and open conversation that characterize the meal.  Anything goes if you’re brunching with me!  My balcony is one of my favorite places for peace and for quiet, comfortable reflection.  It is quite literally where I tend my garden and where I go to find a tranquil beauty.  Brunch on the Balcony is where the two meet.  If it interests me or inspires me, it’s on the table.  So grab a seat.  Brunch is served.