5 Things You Should Know About Beyoncé’s New Music


Unless you’ve been living under a Roc, by now you’ve heard about Beyoncé’s break-the-internet boss move of an album release last weekend.  But you may not know what her new music is all about and why the whole thing is such a big deal.  Well, consider this post as your Beyoncé crib notes.  Below, I’ll run through five things you should know about Beyonce’s new music in order to understand this pop culture moment.

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This Week’s Playlist

It’s spring, I’m energetic, and I’m trying to push myself to be more active.  This week’s playlist features a selection of songs that get me going right now.  Of course two artists in particular are on my mind, Prince and Beyonce.  If I can absorb a glimmer of the creativity, sexiness, and self-assuredness those icons pour(ed) into their music, I’ll be in for a great spring.

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